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Posted by Jenn on December 24, 2008

No matter what you celebrate I hope you have a wonderful and safe Holiday Season with the ones you love.
To those still overseas and away from those you love, never forget we are thingking of you and hoping for your safe and quick return.

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A Big Congrats and New Releases at Samhain!!!

Posted by Jenn on December 23, 2008

First I’m late in saying a Big WOO HOO to my friend NJ on her release yesterday. NJ along with some other great authors offered up this for your Gift giving needs this Holiday Season. Sadly I have only read one novella in this anthology so far, but I hope to carve out some time tonight to read some more.

Ellora’s Cavemen: Jewels of the Nile IV
Alexa Silver, Allyson James, Dawn Halliday, M.A. Ellis, N.J. Walters, Patrick Silver, Tielle St.Clare

Enlightening Lucinda
M.A. Ellis

Lucinda is scarcely the quintessential Victorian widow. She paints male nudes, ignores society’s dictates and is on a quest to regain a sexually explicit journal confiscated by her late husband’s partner, Gideon. It contains information she plans to explore. With Gideon.

Gideon admires Lucinda’s unconventionality and has never refused her requests—until now. But if Gideon won’t enlighten her, Lucinda threatens to find someone who will. Abiding loyalty goes only so far when the woman you adore leaves you little choice. Lucinda will learn her lessons well and her proficiency will be thoroughly tested. By Gideon.

Mating Run
Tielle St. Clare

When Cat loses a bet, she has to participate in her Pack’s Mating Run—an archaic tradition to match strong males with clever females. It’s nothing more than a Pack-sponsored orgy in Cat’s opinion but there’s no getting out of it. If all goes well, she’ll get a night of sex.

She isn’t prepared when two males chase—and catch—her. Devon and Trejean have haunted her fantasies for months and now they tell her she doesn’t have to choose between them. They want to share her.

Reader Advisory: Contains scenes of male/male sexual interaction and ménage a trois.

Midnight Seduction
Dawn Halliday

Lacey is terrible in bed. A fact confirmed by her ex when she caught him in bed with another woman. After that, whatever confidence Lacey had was ground to dust.

Now Lacey’s dating her boss, the scrumptiously sexy Kyle Turner. But every time Kyle touches her, she panics, pushing him away rather than risk exposing her lack of bedroom finesse. Lacey is about to lose the man she loves. She needs help, and she’s about to get it from an unlikely source—Kyle—who’s not even aware of his ability to seduce her in her dreams.

Moon Magic
N.J. Walters

Under the light of the full moon, Meghan Flynn stands before an ancient stone well and wishes for a lover. The magic of the hot summer night surrounds her and she gives in to her sensual needs, pleasuring herself beneath the moonlight.

Watching from the shadows, Rory Shaunnessey is entranced. When she returns the following night, he steps forward, offering himself as her lover. But a hot summer fling can only last so long and when Rory pushes for more, Meghan must face the demons of her past if they are to have a future.

Practically Perfect
Allyson James

Between bounty-hunting jobs, Walker stops at Station 358 for some R&R—and perhaps a chance to scorch the sheets with the gorgeous woman assigned as his guide.

Guides are forbidden to fraternize with guests, but Tierre is captivated by the handsome hunter. She willingly explores the strange sensations he invokes…until her secrets betray her. Tierre isn’t what she appears—but she can still teach Walker lessons in life, love and sacrifice that will change him forever.

Third Course
Alexa & Patrick Silver

Lesley’s marriage is in a rut. Her husband is wonderful, but the spark has gone. She stops at an exclusive restaurant every day and flirts with the bartender, but she knows nothing will come of it. Or at least she thinks nothing will come of it!

Lesley’s fortieth birthday brings a surprise that promises to shake up her world. Her husband and a mystery man have arranged a night of surprises, both in and out of the bedroom. Lesley is the main course in a string of sensual delights to fill the body and soul.


If that’s not enough I’m anxiously awaiting for Samhain to release their books for today which include books by Lauren Dane, Jaci Burton and Lorelei James. All Auto Buy authors for me. My credit card is ready and waiting to buy these Books they all look so good. My biggest dilemma is going to be which book to read first.

“Mistress Christmas” by Lorelei James

…all signs point North for not-so-Saint-Nick

A part of the Wild West Boys series.

In a rare moment of recklessness, mild-mannered accountant Holly North lets her best friend guilt her into filling in as Mistress Christmas at Sugar Plums, a Christmas-themed strip club. Fearing she’ll be recognized—or worse, considered a fraud—she dons a velvet mask along with the Mrs. Claus-meets-dominatrix costume. She’s shocked at how deliciously wicked anonymity feels.

Detective Nick West is determined to discover how his friend was supposedly robbed after a lap dance at Sugar Plums. His visions of revenge vanish faster than a flying sleigh upon his first peek at Mistress Christmas—a leggy brunette with smoky eyes and a lush mouth begging for hours beneath the mistletoe.

Their attraction flares hotter than a fireplace on a cold winter evening, and Nick is only too happy to oblige when Holly blurts out her one Christmas wish…

For a naughty secret Santa to sweep her away for a night of anonymous sexual pleasure.

Warning: This erotic comedy contains naughty holiday innuendo, creative use of garland, sexy love scenes hot as spiced cider, a heroine as sweet as sugared plums, and a wildly romantic hero with a great big…candy cane.

“Sweet Charity” by Lauren Dane

A bad boy is about to find out just how naughty a good girl can be.

After eight long years of pretending a horrible one-night stand hadn’t happened and wondering if it had been her fault, Charity Harris has finally coaxed handsome bad boy and lifelong friend, Gabriel Bettencourt, back into her bed. It’s not just good, it’s fanfreakingtastic! Trouble is, he’s persisting with his story about not wanting a relationship and not being good enough for her even as their friendship blooms into something looking a lot like love.

Gabriel has ached to make Charity his for years, and finally having her in his bed, not just enduring but enjoying his darker urges is more than he’d ever imagined it could be. Despite what she says, he knows she deserves candlelight and roses, not candle wax and ropes. He’ll enjoy her while he can and let go when she finds the right man.

Charity knows Gabriel’s game and she’s not having any of it. A man can like it rough in bed and still be good and kind. He’s exactly the kind of man she wants to marry and she will. She loves him and she knows he loves her and she’s not taking no for an answer.

So when he runs off “to think” just after Christmas, it’s up to her to let him know that good girls can like it dark and rough and bad boys can be good men.

Warning: Bad boys and their toys and the sweet girls who love them. Naughty sexin’, the appearance of floggers, blindfolds and a crop. The occasional bad word.

“Unraveled” by Jaci Burton

The greatest gift is getting what you never thought you wanted.

Mitch Magruder, rich, successful, wildly popular surfer and entrepreneur, is always on the lookout for the next big wave or the next great deal. So when he’s home for the holidays, he jumps at the chance to build one of his famous hotels right on the white, sandy, Florida beach where he grew up. The only thing standing in his way is Greta Mason.

Divorced with two children, Greta welcomes the struggle to make ends meet at the ramshackle beachfront motel her father left her. The motel means everything to her, and no amount of money—or hot nights of persuasion—offered by gorgeous, sexy Mitch is going to change her mind. No matter how much his touch unravels her defenses.

For once, Mitch finds he’s the one doing the chasing, and Greta’s doing more than throwing a monkey wrench into his perfectly orchestrated world. She’s making him think about things he’s never considered before, things other than the pursuit of money. Things like settling down with the right woman.

Now if only he can convince her he wants more than hot sex, moonlit nights, and her hotel…

Warning: This book contains sun, sand, surf, bikinis, hot men in board shorts, talk of Christmas shopping (ack!) foreplay, midplay, afterplay, and all that deliciously naughty explicit sex (up against the wall, in a limo and…*gasp*…even in a bed!).

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Mistletoe Magic ~ By Carlysle, Holt and Pape

Posted by Jenn on December 21, 2008

For me Christmas is always hectic time of year, filled with endless days of shopping, baking and cleaning. That when I do finally sit down to take a break I find myself looking for a good book to relax with. Aside from all the novels and novellas I have accumulated over each Christmas since discovering eBooks I always treat myself to a few new ones.
This year I chose (for now, I’ll buy more I’m sure) the three Mistletoe Magic books from EC. These three novellas; BREATH OF MAGIC, TOUCH OF MAGIC and WHISPERS OF MAGIC can be read as stand alone books I found that reading them in order only enhanced the storyline.
The first novella BREATH OF MAGIC by Regina Carlysle is the story of Liza Woodward. Liza is the oldest of the Woodward girls, she is successful, beautiful and the most driven of all the sisters.
Book 1 in the Mistletoe Magic series.


Powerhouse attorney Liza Woodward knows a little something about losing control and it’s been her life’s mission never to do it again, especially when it comes to small-town lawyer Tyler Blackwell.


Ty takes one look at the woman he’s always loved and knows it’s way past time he seduced away the control she wears like a suit of armor. It will take a steady hand, a bit of dominance, and a little breath of magic from a Christmas Elf to win this sassy Texas woman.
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The second novella TOUCH OF MAGIC is the story of Maddie Woodward. She’s the middle sister and the one that is the most intune with the ranch the girls were raised on. Determined to leave her career behind she’s ready to come home permanently.

Book 2 in the Mistletoe Magic series but may be read as a stand-alone story.


Maddie Woodward is in a pickle. The last person she expects to see when she returns to the family ranch for one last Christmas is her former lover, Zach Brennan.
He’s hotter as he ever was, all male and determined to get her naked. She’s just as determined to show him she’s over him—until she ends up in his bed, enjoying the wildest sex of her life. A night of uncontrolled, erotic sex shows her that Zach is far from out of her life. Now if she can just get him to help her convince her sisters not to sell the ranch…
Click here for an Excerpt
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The third novella WHISPERS OF MAGIC is that of Jenna Woodward, she may be the youngest of the Woodward sisters but she’s living proof that size doesn’t matter when in your heart lives the soul of an adventurer. Her return home is just the balm her wounded heart needs.
Book 3 in the Mistletoe Magic series, but may be read as a stand-alone story.
Hoping to get back in Santa’s good graces, Sparkle the elf takes on a difficult assignment—arrange a merry Christmas for photojournalist Jenna Woodward. Jenna has just lost her parents, her job, and her cheating “fiancé”.
Rancher Mitch Sterling doesn’t want his face on a book, but he does want Jenna back in his life. He offers a deal—he’ll sign off, if she agrees to be at his mercy for one day. Jenna left him once because she was afraid of his Dominant lifestyle. Now, with help from a magical snowstorm, Mitch has twenty-four hours of tempestuous passion to convince her that she’ll love being his sub.
Click here for an Excerpt
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Click here for Cindy’s Website
BREATH OF MAGIC starts the series with a brief prologue that sets up the series and explains the circumstaces that lead all three Woodward sisters back home to Texas. Liza returns determined to settle her parents estate and to leave just as fast as she arrived, but her younger sister Maddie has other plans, ones that have Liza coming face to face with the one man she’s tried to forget.
Attorney Tyler Blackwell has never forgotten the one that got away, Liza was all he was looking for in a woman and a wife, but a large misunderstanding had Liza running from him faster than a Texas tornado. He knows she’s back in town he intend to settle their differences and pick up where they left off. He wants it all and this time he playing for keeps.
No pretences and no BS these two square off and heat up the pages from the moment they meet again. You can feel the passion and sadly the tension as they see each other at Tyler’s Office/Home when Liza comes over to begin settling her parent’s estate. Both are equally likable and stubborn, making it hard for me to decide who I related to or liked better. As these lovers reunite you can’t help but wonder what drove them apart in the first place, a question I am please to say Ms Carlysle does manage to answer for us. They just seem so perfect for one another.
Neither of them put up much of a fight and when Will, the Elf charged with aiding in Ty and Liza’s reconciliation, turns up the heat and the snow. All bets are off when these two give in to temptation. Explosive and sexy, BREATH OF MAGIC is guaranteed to have you feeling warm, festive and dare I say frisky this holiday season.

TOUCH OF MAGIC is the story of Maddie Woodward, the middle sister and the one who doesn’t want to let the ranch be sold. She returns to Texas fully intending to take over the Ranch and to finally live the life she’s always wanted. She is the one who wanted to follow in her parent’s footsteps even though they encouraged her to see a life outside of the Flying W.

Zach Brennan has one regret in life, letting Maddie Woodward go, now that she’s back and they both want the Flying W he’ll do whatever it takes to make Maddie his again, even if it means swallowing his pride to do it.
Again you can’t help but like these two characters, Maddie has spirit and a spunk that can only be described as ornery. She’s a homebody; she loves to cook and is as fiery as she is sweet. When she clashes wills with Zach look out cause the sparks will fly.
Zach by his own admission has made mistakes but he’s man enough to admt them and fight for what he wants. He’s a cowboy through and through and I just love that. TOUCH OF MAGIC is passionate and sexy, yet it still sows us that the power of love can overcome all.

WHISPERS OF MAGIC is the story of the last and ironically the youngest Woodward sister, Jenna is a free spirit with a wanders soul. She finds herself coming home as she faces a crossroads in her life. What she discovers is home may very well be where the heart is.

Mitch Sterling knew he scared Jenna away with his dominate ways and he’s been kicking himself every since. When he realizes she’s coming home for Christmas he knows that he has to turn up the heat to get the one woman for him.

Jenna is like many women she believes she lives in the shadow of her sisters, not really seeing how much she does shine. She’s adventurous and open-minded which makes her the perfect woman for Mitch. She let her fears get the better f her, yet she faces them head on as she reconnects with Mitch and it’s this bravery that endears her to me.
Mitch is the embodiment of the saying Long Tall Texan. These two teat each other boundaries and along the way find the one thing they’ve both been missing, each other. Sexy encounters and ultimate trust make WHISPERS OF MAGIC a holiday tale not to be missed.
I loved all three of the Woodward sisters; each one was endearing and believable. If pressed I don’t know if I could choose one as my favorite, but because of them I will be adding Regina Carlysle, Desiree Holt and Cindy Spencer Pape to my must have authors list. I can’t wait till ELVEN MAGIC releases on 12-24 to find out what happens with Santa’s Elves; Will, Glimmer and Sparkle, but I will say this I’m sure it will not disappoint.
Bravo ladies you managed to tell three distinctively different stories, yet they flowed like one person could have written them all.


8 out of 10 for each novella.

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So I decided to play with my template

Posted by Jenn on December 19, 2008

and I think it works. I would love opinions though. Hopefully, now that I got newish used laptop I’ll be online more.

So if you drop by, please tell me what you think

Happy Friday!!

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Adventurer’s Unite for this Really Cool Contest

Posted by Jenn on December 17, 2008

I love it when authors can come up with clever and interesting contests to promote themselves.

Check out this one below it’s fun, unique and most of all easy. I hope that it helps Ms.Naughton get out the word on her upcoming release.

I know I’m looking forward to picking it up when it releases.

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Do you ever wonder how many eBooks you own?

Posted by Jenn on November 25, 2008

Well I did and I decided to go through all the files I had on my laptop just to see how many books I had and sadly if I was missing any.

So with my trusty Excel program, my nimble typing fingers and more time then I ever expected it to take I went through them all.

First I found that some of the books I had purchased and downloaded have some how gone MIA, I think they may have been books from the laptop drop and hard drive crash of 2007, but I digrese.

I am the proud owner of 1204 eBooks in a wide variety of genres and from many publishers with the bulk of the books coming from 2 specific publishers. I really don’t want to think about how much money I spent and if somone manages to figure it out… Please, Please, Please don’t tell my husband.

So how many do you own, or are you too afraid to think about it?

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Beyond Shadows by N.J. Walters

Posted by Jenn on November 24, 2008

It’s no secret that when NJ has a book coming out that I will buy it. Over the years as her career grew so did my friendship with her and when I think of her it always brings a smile to my face. Then of course I automatically think of Annabelle and Mike from her first novel ANNABELLE LEE. These two characters are like old friends, the ones you never see anymore but when you think of them it’s with fondness and love.

So when I saw that she had BEYOND SHADOWS releasing this past Wednesday I had to buy it that very morning. I knew that I would have to wait to read it, since I had the dreaded day job to get to, but just knowing it sat at home on my hard drive was a comfort. Of course I had to read some before I left for work and then I had to sneak some at work, because well I just had to.

When I finally got home that night I was anxious to read it, yet again I had to face obstacle after obstacle before I could read it. Feed the kids, help with homework, fold laundry, wash dishes, the damn list goes on and on. You see my dilemma, clearly.

Well once I managed to tuck my kids into bed, as well as my husband, I sat down to finish BEYOND SHADOWS and let me say I was not disappointed.

So before we hit the part where I tell you what I liked etc. Let’s take a peek at the blurb for the latest novel from N. J. Walters.

Sequel to “Shadows Stir” from Dreams of the Oasis IV anthology.

An immortal warrior of the Shadow Realm, Blade’s self-control has been honed to a razor’s edge by centuries of fighting, but it vanishes the moment he lays eyes on Jacqueline Harris. The mere sight of her stirs his blood and he craves physical pleasures long forgotten.

Jac is an accountant, not a risk taker, preferring to live her life quietly. That all changes when she is sent to see a client by mistake and stumbles onto a crime ring. Now she’s on the run for her life.

The sexy stranger appears at her beach house, swearing to protect her at all costs. Dark and dangerous, he resembles the assassin she first fears he is. The last thing she expects is that he can morph into the deadly panther tattooed on his chest. The undeniable passion between them flares to life, but it is more than attraction. It is a soul-deep knowing that he will change her life forever. Blade becomes both protector and lover, but it’s up to her to save him from the shadows that haunt him.

First let me say that BEYOND SHADOWS is a stand-alone novel, however reading the novella SHADOWS STIR is strongly advised since its heroine is the sister of Jacqueline Harris in this novel and their stories are definitely intertwined. Ok so enough dialogue from me, on to the review.

The first thing that strikes me about this new series from N J is that its different then most paranormal shifter stories out there. It’s not vampires or wolves, not that I have anything against those types, I actually love them, but sometimes you crave something new.

Easily imaginable N.J. descriptively weaves a world that is easily imaginable, a world of utter darkness with only the smallest existence of light. Where these proud warriors dwell, suffering from extreme apathy and with little regard to the world that is literally passing them by.

In Jacqueline Harris I found a heroine I can really like, she made mistakes and got herself tangled up in a bad situation, but she held tough and fought back. She didn’t suffer from any of those TSTL moments that can turn a reader against a heroine and soil the story with inconsistent behavior. She didn’t cower or wait for someone to ride to her rescue. She’s strong and smart as well as beautiful and is intelligent enough to know when to use these traits to her advantage. She doesn’t necessary need Blade to survive but she is smart enough to know she stands a better chance of living to see another day with him on her side.

Blade on the other hand is truly dangerous, to everyone and anything that gets in his path, with one exception, Jac. He is the embodiment of a true ALPHA male and his fighting skills are as finely honed as the blades of the knives he wields. He’s utterly sexy and ranks easily in the top five of my all time favorite heroes from N.J.’s books. Forget broody and moody, he is just dark and deadly. He makes no excuses for his actions, and act he does, he makes the only choices he can without thought of the consequences to anyone. He’ll protect Jac or die trying.

When they meet the sparks fly and their passionate response to one another is completely palatable. Together they face danger and work to save Jac’s life while giving in to the attraction neither of them can deny. In a mere 123 pages N.J. lays the groundwork for a new and incredible series, introduces two characters that I won’t soon forget and has me wanting more from this series as soon as possible.

While BEYOND SHADOWS does leave some questions unanswered about the Shadow Ryders and their mysterious leader, I can’t help but think that the secrets hidden in the Shadow Realm will be wickedly delicious to uncover, one sexy warrior at a time for years to come.

9.5 out of 10

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Dawn’s Awakening by Lora Leigh

Posted by Jenn on November 5, 2008

I am woefully behind in my purchases of books from some of my Auto Buy Authors, Ms. Leigh being one who sits firmly in my top five must haves. So the other night thanks to the Internet and the book gods/goddess’ at fictionwise I was able to purchase and download her two most recent Breed series books in under five minutes.

So a great big WOO HOO to instant book gratification.

With that out of my system on to my thoughts and feelings on DAWN’S AWAKENING!!

New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh takes us on an erotic thrill ride with her series about genetically altered Breeds with feline DNA—and the humans who arouse their lust…

The runt of the lab she was created in, Dawn Daniels endured years of torture by her pride brother and the council soldiers. Finally freed from her torment, she’s now a Breed Enforcer, in control of her own life. Until she’s assigned to protect the one man destined to be her mate—and realizes it’s far too easy to lose total control…

One of the Breed’s most important supporters, Seth Lawrence has spent years trying to forget Dawn, knowing that her lost innocence has made it impossible for her to get close to anyone. But suddenly neither of them can find the strength to fight the overwhelming passion between them. At least until the most brutal tormenter from Dawn’s past reappears—and threatens to destroy their newfound love, along with their lives…

Dawn’s Awakening is one of the titles that fans of Ms. Leigh have been waiting for since her epublishing days. Dawn is one of those secondary characters who helps to move a series along and intrigues the reader forcing you to want to know more about them. So powerful are the feelings that I developed for this character over the years that anticipation of reading her and Seth’s story was almost overwhelming and had me a little fearful that the build up would never match the actual story.

Ms. Leigh, however, once again show her fans old and new why so many of us come back again and again for her novels. I know that when I open a Lora Leigh novel that I will become emotional invested, that her hero and heroine will be strong and independent yet vulnerable and weak when it comes to love.

Dawn Daniels is that heroine that finds that place in you heart, she rests in that corner that never lets you forget her and when you see her appear again you can’t help but smile. Her character is deep and in a word damaged. While arguably all breeds have suffer the injustices of the genetics counsel, Dawn it would seem, like many of her Breed sisters, suffered on a far greater scale. Yet even though I know Sherra (Kiss of Heat Breed Book 3) suffered at the hands of soldiers just as Dawn did, Dawn always seemed so more lost to the pain as she molded herself into something stronger, letting her move past the label of victim to survivor.

So how does one convey the pain and horrors of this proud creation without minimizing her strength? I’m not sure I could do it, but Lora Leigh seems to know how. In Dawn she has a woman of incredible strength, who has beat the odds and is able by the end of this novel to “AWAKEN” as the title implies and allows her find her wings and fly.

As I read this novel it was like coming home, Seth and Dawn are characters that are well known and not surprisingly meant for one another. But aside from knowing the HEA is in the cards for them it was their journey and growth that makes DAWN’ S AWAKENING the BEST BREED NOVEL IMO thus far.

Dawn faces the threat of losing her mate with all the tenacity we’d expect from her, she never backs down and forges full steam ahead to fight for Seth and her chance at love. Even though she knows that she may not be able to overcome the nightmares of her past, one that many would probably not have survived. Brutalized and traumatised in ways that I can’t even fathom yet amazingly she fights for love, for Seth and ultimately for herself.

Seth is just the kind of man she needs, he has faults don’t get me wrong, he makes some choices about his and Dawn’s attraction that may infuriate some readers, but his ALPHA male heart was in the right place. He doesn’t back down when his back is against the wall and he is willing to take that leap of faith and manages to help heal not only Dawn’s damaged heart as well as his own.

Together that make a bond stronger than steel. Along the way as Dawn and Seth move beyond the past and it scars to build their futures we learn that the strength of the human heart is immense. If your ready to cry and rage, sigh and scream, if your looking for that one of kind love that is emotional and sensual then this is the novel for you.

DAWN’S AWAKENING is in a word AWESOME. It’s romantic, passionate and erotic in one powerfully written package.

9.5 out of 10

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Review: Met By Chance Lynne Connolly

Posted by Jenn on February 16, 2008

Met by Chance Lynne Connolly

Title: The Triple Countess Series: Met by Chance

Author: Lynne Connolly

There’s more to this man than satin and lace.

After a serious riding accident, Perdita Garland is back in society. Unfortunately the first man who catches her interest, Charles Dalton, Marquis of Petherbridge, turns out to be a popinjay with a spoiled daughter in tow. And his equally spoiled sister is flirting with the same fortune-hunting suitor who almost cost Perdita her life. What’s a lady to do? Warn the marquis of the danger, of course.

Charles knows that English society finds his manners and dress astonishing, but they cover a man broken by a disastrous marriage to a faithless wife. Now a widowed father determined not to be fooled again, he is nevertheless charmed by Perdita and the steely strength of will under her fragile exterior. If only the lady would mind her own business.

But when his impulsive sister elopes and kidnaps his daughter, he finds himself wishing he had listened to the little busybody. And Perdita, feeling partly responsible for the disaster, boldly sets out to help him put things right.

Alone in a strange city with his lordship, plunged into danger, Perdita discovers there is more than meets the eye under the pampered skin of the marquis. There is strength, power…and passion beyond her wildest dreams.

What worked for me: In a word Perdita, she is everything I want in a heroine and more. She managed to get past her injuries and her overprotective family to make decisions for herself. She took chances and shook off the conventions of her life and went for it. Whether it was her pursuit of Charles or her courage when faced with finding Charles’ missing sister she did it. With grace and most of all intelligence. She knows she let her accident hold her back, yet she is strong and she’ll let no one label her weak and fragile any longer. She is a inspiration and she made this novel for me.

Charles is a strong hero who hides behind a mask literally and figuratively, yet as Ms. Connolly uncovered the truth of his life and removed his facade he came across as extremely likable. He does however have his flaws especially when it comes to his daughter and it was as frustrating for me as it was for Perdita, yet he still managed to make up for it in the end.

Why did I buy the book: After reading the first two of the series and reviewing them for Romance Junkies I had to have this third installment. I can’t wait to see who is next in the wonderful series from Ms. Connolly.

Keeper?: Most Definitely!!

Rating 1 to 5: 5

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Holy Smokes it’s been a long time since I blogged.

Posted by Jenn on February 12, 2008

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted here. I have been seriously neglecting my online world. I have so much to catch up on and until I replace my now broken laptop I fear my presence on the net will be limited.

I hope to get back into gear posting reviews of books here and rambling about my life and such. For now I have to say I’ve missed blogging and this site needs some serious work indeed.

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