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To Quote Tom Petty….

Posted by Jenn on September 6, 2006

The waiting is the hardest part.

Anyone who knows me knows that just like it rains in spring it is fairly certain that I will quote this famous song at one time or another. But for me even though this song is about waiting for love it always about waiting for books. I never seem to be caught up and for that I’m grateful. It leaves me happily waiting for the next book by my favorite authors. It’s after that is always tough. I mention this today because I have been waiting, none to patiently I might add, for one of my favorite author’s new book. I’m not picky I will read eBook or paperback, but when I find an author I like I want it right away. The greatest part about an eBook is instant gratification. On release day you can have the book on your plam or computer with just a few keystrokes and a credit card.

Just like I did this morning. I’ve been waiting and now I have received. Of course I read it over lunch so I’m back to waiting in the meantime here’s a little review of this lunch time read.

Autumn Animalia – Drakon’s Treasure By N.J. Walters

Allrights reserved. Ellora’s Cave Publishing Sept.06

Eartha has spent the last five years as a slave. By day she labors in the fields and by night she is forced to share Hameon of Gradoc’s bed. But Eartha bides her time and when an opportunity comes for her to escape, she flees. With Hameon’s guards in pursuit, she ducks into a dark tavern. The only hope has of saving herself from being recaptured is to join the company of a man.

Arrik Varkas Drakon is more than just a man. He is a Drakon lord. Half-dragon, half-man, his kind usually ignores the affairs of men. But from the moment Eartha steps into the bar, she intrigues him. Once he sees her face, he knows he must have her.

Arrik sweeps Eartha away from the danger, but it follows them into the mountains. When Hameon and his forces come to take her back, they discover that, above all, a dragon always guards and keeps his treasure.

I admit that I’m a huge NJ fan, so much so that if she wrote it I will buy it, when it comes in print, I’ll but it again. That being said I will also admit to not being a big fan of romance books involving Dragon’s. Silly I know coming from someone who reads books about vamps, lycans, and other paranormal species. The truth is I never gave it a chance, Dragon’s seem so big, enormous really, so I wasn’t sure if I would love this story as much as her other books. I was wrong. Arrik was believable to me, the thought of him as a Drakon was not as overwhelming as I thought in fact he was pretty damn hot. The story is a quickie from the Autumn Animalia series from Ellora’s Cave and my only complaint is it wasn’t long enough.

As usual NJ pulls me into the story and has me cheering for the underdog. Eartha is strong yet feminine even after enduring the life of a slave and Arrik may be big and tough, but he is still caring and complex like any good alpha man should be. I wish I could have spent more time with them, the world she has created seems vivid and real, luckily for us she’s indicated that she has more planned for her Drakon world. So for now I will come down from my new release high and patiently wait *snort* for the next book from NJ. October 18th can not get here soon enough.

One Response to “To Quote Tom Petty….”

  1. N.J.Walters said

    I’m so glad that you enjoyed Drakon’s Treasure, Jenn. Arrik and Eartha’s story was one that just flowed almost effortlessly. I had such a wonderful time writing this book. I love dragons, but this is my first attempt at a dragon book. Now that I’ve started, I know I’ll write more.

    And October 18th will be here before you know it. 🙂 Stefan’s Salvation is a plus-sized book, so you’ll have a much larger story, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

    Thanks again for the lovely compliments, Jenn.


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