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Breastfeeding in Public

Posted by Jenn on November 17, 2006

On Friday I was over commenting on Angie’s Blog about this very topic. So I felt like I had to comment more as I was unable to stop thinking about this story all weekend. I left my feelings there in what I hope was a clear and concise manner, but here on my blog I’m going to give a little more than my two cents.

Apparently a Vermont woman was asked by airline officials at Delta to leave a plane bound for New York because she was breastfeeding her child. This argument is an old one and probably will never end, but IMO feeding your child is more important than what others may think of you.

It’s been said that she was asked to leave the flight because she was offered a blanket and refused it. Yeah Right, that’s why. Give me a break, more than likely it was because someone on the plane took offense to her feeding her child. I guess had she been shoving candies or cookies in her child’s mouth to comfort, soothe or feed him/her than that would have been just find. Heaven forbid she feed her child something healthy and natural.

What I think is closer to the truth in this case is that the child, described as being 22 months was considered offensive by someone on the plane (my money is on the Flight attendant) that a child that old was still breastfeeding. I guess the child’s ability to walk and talk negate his/hers need for breastmilk. I’ll be frank here, I have opinions, lots of them in fact but they are simply that opinions. Do I think my opinions matter more than others, sure sometimes, but this is a clear cut case of some one forcing their views and opinions on someone else? Honestly, how many people could have seen her feeding this child. She was in the next to last row. They board planes from the rear to the front with exception of first class, the elderly and kids traveling alone. So what all of maybe 20 people saw her if she was doing this while they were boarding. I guess one of them could have complained, but I doubt they were paying her much attention.

Now the flight attendant they pay her to pay attention to all the passengers and to make sure they are seated and buckled in. My money is on her/him as being the offended party. This all comes back to decisions regarding passengers and their ability to fly being controlled by the airlines personnel and their “discretion”. Obviously the FA had to report to the ticket agent that she was offered the blanket and refused. I would have loved to have heard the conversation with the FA. I can only imagine. I personally think the FA was the one who was offended and when the passenger didn’t take the blanket she used her “Discretion” to have her removed from the plane. BTW this is real good PR for Delta and Freedom, I for one love to fly on airlines who think that a breast feeding woman is such a threat to personal safety on the plane. Good thing they got her off the plane, you know she might squeeze her boob to hard and hit the Pilot in the eye with milk causing him to crash the plane. Also I might add that some airports are now dumping all fluids you may have on your carry on. Yeah they say they won’t dump breast milk or formula as long as you are will to taste it in front of them. But that is another topic all together.

I can see both sides of the coin here I really can when it comes to the age of the child, but I am guessing this woman has a doctor and takes her child to the pediatrition. If they say it’s ok and are continuing to let her breastfeed her child then who am I to argue.

The whole thing pretty much stinks in my opinion and I hope the airline has to eat lots of crow over it. Stuff like this makes me happy I usually fly on US Airways.

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