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Thursday Thirteen #2

Posted by Jenn on January 18, 2007

Thirteen Things reasons why I Love EBooks!!I’ve been on quite an eBook reading binge thismonth so I thought now would be a good timeto talk about how great they are.

1. They are easily accessible, you can pretty much buy one at time.

2. They are easy to take with you.

3. They tend to be more risque, sometimes I just want my books a little hotter.

4. They come in all sizes, short little quickies (Thanks EC for the phrase) to full length novels.

5. They bring Paranormal to romance in a big way.

6. They tend to be cheaper than paperbacks.

7. They come in many different formats, PDF, LIT and HTML to mention just a few.

8. Back to the anytime part, they are instantly gratifying. A few clicks and it’s there on your computer. No waiting for a delivery man or running to the mall.

9. Some of my favorite Authors started in eBooks and now they are writing for big publishing houses.

10. They helped to open the eyes of big publishing houses and now we can get more steam in paperbacks as well now.

11. They help authors who may have no sold to a big NY publisher get their start.

12 Did I mention they are cheaper than paperbacks. If I did well trust me it bears repeating.

13. I can buy them while I am still in PJ’s, whether I am sick or well, bad weather or good, if I can get online I can buy a book.

All in all I will always read eBooks. Publishers Like Ellora’s Cave, Samhain and NCP to name a few will always get some of my book buying money. In a world with ever growing technology advancements eBooks give me the gratification I seek. Trust me I’m a woman who wants my books when I want them.

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2 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen #2”

  1. Kate Davies said

    Ditto, ditto, ditto!

    Great list, Jenn. I loves me some e-books, too, for the same reasons!

  2. Shiloh Walker said

    I love being able to carry fifty plus books with me all the time. 😉

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