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Haley’s Cabin by Anne Rainey

Posted by Jenn on March 5, 2007

Every good girl longs for a chance to be a little naughty.
Raw from an ugly divorce and wrung out from her demanding job, Haley Thorne needs a break. When Haley’s doctor urges her to take a vacation, she heads to her secret cabin in the woods.
The very first night, Haley dreams of an erotic threesome that leaves her panting and aroused. When sexy police detective Jeremy Pickett shows up at her door, she’s shocked: He looks like the man in her midnight fantasy! Levelheaded Haley unleashes her inner seductress and has a little fun—handcuffs and all!
First let me start off by saying that as far as publisher’s go Samhain is by far one of the best E book publishers. They have quick turn around of their books form Electronic to Print format and most of all they stand by their motto.
When they first hit the scene they came out with their catch phrase, It’s all about the story. And a year later they still hold true to this creed.
I felt confident that in purchasing this book from them that I would get a story, one full of rich characters and a compelling plot. Ms Rainey did not disappoint. From the get go we are immersed in the story, Haley is alone in her cabin, finally taking a rest from life and her not so happy divorce. The first chapter finds us thrust into her dreams and what a dream it is. I could almost picture the scene in my head. So much so that I was waiting for Jay and Marissa to appear in my own dreams.
After waking from her dream the very next day in walks Jeremy Pickett, forced to knock on Haley’s cabin door she encounters the man of her dreams, literally. This cop is every woman’s dream, he comes equipped with handcuffs and all.
Together they embark on a naughty weekend of love and slight submission that had me wishing Jeremy/Jay would use his handcuffs on me.
The inter-changing name was a tad confusing at first, but it was quickly straight in my mind and I was using them as interchangeably as the author. I found the character of Brad (Jay’s Brother) intriguing in a mysterious way and I’m hoping that Ms Rainey will be writing his story as well.
So here’s how the cookie crumbles on Haley’s Cabin.
What worked: The characters of Jay and Haley were believable as well as the story and how their relationship developed. The sex was hot and I found myself completely drawn into the story from the opening chapter. There were plenty of secondary characters so this is always good IMO. It means the possibility of sequels and I love see characters I’ve met in other stories get their own book, plus we get to check in on Jay and Haley.
What Didn’t Work: Aside from the brief mention above of the name switching, I wish it could have been longer, but then I am greedy when it comes to books. I always seem to want more and more when I really like something. So I’m not sure if that is a bad thing or not. Hmm..
Overall I liked this book, so much so that I want more from Ms. Rainey. It’s definitely a keeping and one I will probably reread again when I need a spicy little book to heat up a cold night or just to stop in and check on some old friends.

2 Responses to “Haley’s Cabin by Anne Rainey”

  1. Anne Rainey said

    Wow. I’m speechless, Jenn. The only thing I ever wanted as a writer is for someone to get joy out of reading my books. You’ve given me the best gift an author could have. Thank you so much.

    My characters will always be regular people. They’ll have regular jobs, regular problems, and have a regular cluttered life. But I’ll always give them a happy ending and lots of steamy stuff in between. LOL!

  2. Kelley said

    Great review. I loved Haley’s Cabin.

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