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To Write or Not to Write?

Posted by Jenn on March 20, 2007

I read an incredible post today from Jaci Burton. It was posted over on Author MBA. It was all about taking you career seriously.

I have always thought about writing, I had done so much of it when I was younger and then things in life changed for me and while I still dabbled here and there I found myself either always working or eventually being mom and wife that I put writing on the shelf as one of those things I would dream about but never thought I could achieve. So I read her post and I took a lot of what she had to say to heart.

She poses three questions, ones that when you think about it make lots of sense and I find myself in a place in my life were I have a new amount of free time, or me time. Time that lately I have been filling with reading or chores around the house. So why am I not taking advantage of this better.

Here are the questions she poses:

What Can You Do Today?

1) Ask yourself if you’ve been treating your writing as a career. If you haven’t, then start focusing on it as if it is.

2) Carve out a writing schedule that works within the framework of your daily life. Find a place and time that fits your lifestyle best.

3) Let family members know that you intend to take your writing career seriously, and show them your schedule. Enlist their assistance in helping you achieve your goals.By doing these three things, your career as a writer will start to become a priority in your life, as it should be.

I look at these three questions and I realize that I don’t think of it as a career and that I do have a time and a place that works for my writing life style. I can let my family know that this is my time and that I can schedule it for writing. The kids are at school and my DH is either sleeping or working. I’m in the house all alone. So really I have no excuse.

So thanks Jaci Burton for the kick in the butt I needed, publish or not I’ve decided to take my writing seriously.


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