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Moving My Blog and Other Randomness

Posted by Jenn on March 28, 2007

So I took the plunge and moved my blog to word press. I can be easily intimidated when I have to deal with computer issues. Basic stuff no problem, I can usually plow my way through it and come out victorious, but even mention HTML or Code and I shudder in fear. I can hook up our new printer no problem, but create a blog and I find myself cringing in fear, so for now this blog is kind of drab, with time and study I’m sure I will figure it out. For now however, this will serve its purpose.

I hope to review more as I spend the summer relaxing and working my part time job. It’s odd to not go to work every day, I have worked full time since I was 18 years old and to not have to shoulder the burden of a full time job is quite scarey, but I have to admit to being a much nicer and calmer person because of it.

When I lost my job I thought it was the end for me, I felt like our family was spiraling down a whole we wouldn’t climb out of, but not so much. my husband got offered and opportunity from the people he worked for part time. So now my husband gets to be the big bread winner, he gets to be the general manager of the store he worked out and I get to work there part time three or four days a week. All in all losing my job was the best thing that every happened.

It seems weird to say that, and it has been an adjustment for us, but it gets easier every day and in the long run it will pay off. The owners have offered us the chance to buy into the franchise they own, we will be able to own part of where we work and ultimately make more money that I was before. For once we will be working for ourselves not for someone else’s benefit and that in itself makes the loss of the job I loved even more easier to bear.

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