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Thursday Thirteen # 4

Posted by Jenn on April 5, 2007

Thirteen Things I Love about my Husband

 1. He is my best friend ~ No matter what I say or do he doesn’t judge me, he just loves me.

2. He would give anyone the shirt off his back ~ Seriously if you need help he’d bee there.

3. He’s a great Dad ~ My kids are lucky to have him, he will drop everything for our kids.

4. He’s a good friend ~ He is one of those people that everybody loves.

5. He has a great Sense of humor ~ People always ask me if I spend all my time laughing, I just laugh and say we always have a good chuckle when discussing the bills.

6. He is a hard worker ~ Whether at his job or just on cleaning the house, whatever task he takes on he does it with determination.

7. He rarely yells ~That may sound silly but I tend to be a yeller so he balances me.

8. He has a great smile ~ When he smiles it’s contagious, you can’t help but smile back.

9. He has great hair ~ I mean great hair, like hair a woman would be jealous of and he keep it long. I’m not even sure if he likes it long, but I do, so long it stays.

10. He is a wonderful lover ~ Since I will be spending the rest of my life with him this is a good thing. He always make me feel wanted and desired even after two kids.

11. He thinks I’m beautiful ~ Even after two kids he still tells me I’m attractive. he once even told me that to him I still look the same. Trust me this body is not what it once was, but he loves it and me anyway.

12. He listens when I speak ~ That is so important because well I love to talk and to know he cares and is listening makes me feel loved and respected.

13. He is a great Dad ~ I know I said that before and I could probably find a million more things about him that I love, but this is what I love the most. Our kids are the best thing that we ever did together and he loves them unconditionally. He supports them, helps them and never lets them forget he loves them. Being a Dad who shows love and who spend time with our boys makes him the best person I know.

6 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen # 4”

  1. Absolutely lovely list.

  2. Rene Lyons said

    Wow. He sounds like an amazing man.

  3. NJ Walters said

    That is a beautiful list, Jenn. Sounds like your husband is one of the special ones.

  4. That’s right. Rub it in to the single chicks. Congrats on the great mancakes though!

  5. Great list! He sounds like a definite keepter!

  6. I think that a great testament to a great man is how good a father he is to his children. Clearly you have a winner. 🙂

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