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My son Ryan sang the Finale at School!!

Posted by Jenn on April 6, 2007

My 8 yr old son Ryan suffers from PDD. It’s a form of Autism and in most cases makes your child unable to communicate verbally. Well that really is just part of it and I’m over symplifying it, but for you to understand why it is so amazing that he was the Finale at his school’s spring show you’ll have to know a a little background.

Like many children with PDD Ryan began to speak and one day it was like a light went out. Suddenly my healthy happy child that was learning how to say cat and dad one day was mute the next. It was so hard to convince the doctor’s that something was wrong, he was only 13 months old, so for two years we fought, ran hearing tests, jumped through hoops and finally got him diagnosed. He began early intervention, went to classes to learn how to deal with his issues and then the time came for Kindergarten.

Again we fought and eventually won the war. We managed to get him into one of the best schools in the country for PDD. They have worked with him for three years and he has made great strides. he can speak now and as we learned on Tuesday April 5, 2007 he can apparently sing in front of a crowd as well. i creid and sang every word with him and while this day was by no means as special as the first day he called me MOM, it’s was damn close to it.

 Here are some pictures of the event as well as a small 30 second video.  I wish my husband had gotten more, but the camera was giving him trouble, he dropped it and as you can see we were to far away. In any case I hope you all enjoy is as much as I did. I hope to get a full copy of it to post in the future.



God Bless!!


3 Responses to “My son Ryan sang the Finale at School!!”

  1. Kathy said

    Jenn, this is so awesome. I was amazed at it the first time you showed me. Coming from someone who has talked to him on the phone….I couldn’t believe that you could understand all the words he was singing. I can totally understand getting so emotional and proud over something about your child. I still get teary eyed when I run into one of my daughters teachers and they tell me something nice about them.

  2. NJ Walters said

    That is awesome, Jenn. You must be so proud and absolutely thrilled!

  3. Lady Sheila said

    Awww that is so neat. Congrats Jenn!! *hugs*

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