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Thursday Thirteen #6

Posted by Jenn on June 28, 2007

Thirteen Books I can’t wait to read. These are in no particular order, they just popped in my head as I was writing this post. I think I may need to plot out these posts more.


1. Hidden Agendas ~ Lora Leigh ~  I already have this book I just need to sit down and read it.

2. Safe Harbor ~ Christine Feehan ~  I love her Drake sisters Series but OMG this is Jonah and Hannah. Finally they get to fall in love. Like all her fans we have been watching them dance around each other through four books. This is mutch anticipated.

3. Forbidden Pleasures ~ Lora Leigh ~ This book I ordered when it released and it is just being shipped now in the same bok with Safe Harbor. This is the first full length print of her Trojan series she started with EC and I can not wait to read it.

4. Lover Unbound ~ J R Ward ~ one word VISCIOUS. They should say it all, but for the skake of Thursday Thriteen I will say this I finally read Lover Awakened and Lover Revealed just recently and OMG I need this next book like yesterday. Plus hello I hoe Torhment comes back in this book I am so worried about him.

5. High Noon ~ Nora Roberts ~ I love love love Nora Roberts she is an Autobuy for me and a million other fans. I can’t wait for this book.

6. Woven Dreams ~ N J Walters ~ Shocked to see this on my list I bet. For those of you who don’t know this she is one of my favorite authors ever. LOL This is book three in this series and I sure hope this woman can make me love her cause she is for Garrick and Jarmon Bakra. They deserve a special woman and I bet NJ had found just the perfect girl for them.

7. Gallaghers Book, Book 3 in the Devlin Series ~ Shannon Stacey ~ Umm it’s Gallagher and I love Shannon Stacey’s voice. She is an autobuy for me and Dang it Shannon I want this book.

8. HUNTING the DEMON ~ Jaci Burton ~ I loved Surviving Demon Island. Jaci kindly offered a contest on her Blog for readers who were willing to read this and blog about it. She offered an Arc in a contest and then in true undeniable Jaci Burton Fashion she let a whole troop of peeps win. She asked for three simple things and poof you get an ARC. My very first and only ARC was from Jaci. Aside from being a great person she also writes Killer books. I want this one like umm right now. LOL

9. Dark Possession ~ Christine Feehan ~ I have read a few readers no longer read this series, but I am still hooked and August can not get here fast enough.

10. Midnight Legacy ~ Dee Tenorio ~ This is book three in her Remington Series and just the blurb makes think it will be the best and most indepth of the three. Long lost sister finds out she is heir to a family she may not even want, add to that the best friend of her twin brothers and I smell a winner.

11. Tanner’s Scheme ~ Lora Leigh ~ are you sensing a theme here. I’m a Lora Leigh fan, just like the other two I mentioned this is a series for her. One that I love and have been addicted to for it seems like forever. This book is Tanner’s one of the Breeds all her fans have been waiting forever for. It comes out in August, SO FAR AWAY. AHHHHH

12. Devil May Cry ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon ~ Another August release, like it’s not hot enough in the summer, lets add this book to the mix. I am dying for Ash’s books just like all her fans, and when I get this one, I’ll be one more book closer t it.

13. Creation in Death and Eternity and Death ~ J D Robb ~ November Ugh what a wait I tell you, but hey we get two Roarke and Eve’s for the price of one. A full length book and a novella in an Antho. I’ll take it. As for this list it may be in no particular order, but I did manage to save a really, really good one for last. I LOVE Eve and Roarke, if JD/ Nora every stopped writing them I would cry like a baby. I need my fix twice a year you see. I have to see Peabody and Mc Nabb, Comander Whitney, Mira, Somerset, Feeney, Leonardo and Mavis on a regular basis. I reread this series all the time. If I think about Innocent in Death I get the shivers still to this day. This book is an autobuy in hardback and paperback. I must have them.

How about you what book must you have and why I would love to know?

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3 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen #6”

  1. Rene Lyons said

    How I wish I had tome for a TBR pile. *sigh*

  2. NJ Walters said

    Thank you so much for including me on your list, Jenn. I’m honored.

    I just finished Safe Harbor and it is fantastic. Very emotional.

    Like you, I can’t wait for the next JR Ward book or the next JD Robb. 🙂

  3. kirstendaley said

    Dang it Shannon I want this book.

    Thanks, Jenn! And I’m wicked thrilled to make your list. 🙂 I’m working on Gallagher, but he tripped and fell in a plot hole. I’m staring down into it, trying to figure out how to get him out.

    And since I have Hunting the Demon—Nic is SO yummy!—I’m going to second JR’s next book. I’m totally addicted to the Brotherhood.

    Oooh, and the In Deaths!

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