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Lover Awakened and Lover Revealed by JR Ward… Spoilers Below

Posted by Jenn on June 30, 2007

The other day I mentioned that I would be writing up a review for my thoughts on Zsadist and Bella. The other night however, I managed to finish reading Butch and Marissa’s book as well. So since my thoughts are so mixed together now from reading these books back to back I figured I would tackle both in one post.

I find myself now days after reading both books thinking a lot about the brothers and the other characters in the story. What should have been my thoughts about two very compelling books has now grown into me questioning all that has happened and what will be coming in the next books from Ms. Ward. One thing that seems to constantly be circling in my mind and won’t let go is the part that Darius plays in all that is unfolding. Not so much how it effects or doesn’t effect the brothers finding their mates, but more about how the secondary characters seem to build on this one event. If you have not read the books and wish to do so I would advise you not to read any further as I may reveal things you don’t want to know.

Take for example Beth, would she have been in Wrath’s life had Darius not died? On that I’m not sure, but by meeting Wrath and needing his help she brought a world of change to the brotherhood. Wrath’s acension and his release of Marissa is all hinged upon his relationship with Beth. I wonder where he would be had this event not occured.

Look at John, here is a boy who has been traumatised and now he is embraced by the brotherhood. Poised on the change that will take him from man to warrior, only to find out that he too is the son of Darius.

As for Marissa she was waiting for Wrath to take her as his Shellan, but Darius’ death change this and in doing so allowed Butch and Marissa to meet, starting the snowball effect that would reveal his true heritage. His ultimate tie to the brotherhood, the fact that his father is somehow related to Wrath is amazing to me and has garnered the brothers with an invaluable weapon against the lessers. His blood tie to Wrath had enabled him to join the brotherhood and become the warrior he is today.

I know they say every writer had in their mind where and how a series will progress and I wonder how the events in these last two books will effect the events of the next books. After each installment I find myself more and more involved in this world and with a boat load of questions. I’m sure Ms. Ward will answer them as we progress through the books, I for one can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. I’m going to keep my eyes open to see if Darius continues to play a role in their lives even after his death and I for one hope that Ms. Ward has a well written way for this intriguing character to return. I would love to see him have a book of his own, of course Ms. Ward would have to reincarnate him, but a girl can dream can’t she.

Now on to my thoughts on the books.

First for me personally, the book I most wanted to read was that of Zsadist, he is by far one of my favorite brothers. The tortured hero, fully deserving of redeemtion and love is always a winner with romance fans, this one included. This story was engossing and as with all Ms.Ward’s novels completely consuming.

So you may be wondering why I took so long to read this book. To be honest I made a typical reader mistake, I read other reviews of the book that contained spoilers and then the compulsion to read the story just kind of faded a little for me.

I already knew key pieces of the storyline and I was afraid, to be honest, that my knowledge of these events would lessen the story’s impact on me. Of course had I known then what I know now I would have read it immediately.

So many things ran through my mind as I began reading Lover Awakened. The first being a genuine fear for Bella as she was held captive by the lessers. I can’t imagine the pain and fear she felt, thinking that no one was coming. Of course she would have never guessed that Zsadist was on a rampage to find her and that he was not going to stop until he did. Bella abililty to survive is proof she is destined to be the one for Z. Just as he has managed to survive and live, although it is somewhat of a half life, he has found his place in the world.

His care for Bella after her rescue from the lessers grants the reader a brief glimpse of all he can be and in it I found myself loving his character even more than I did before. The same of course can be said for Bella, she never shys away from his darker more tortured side. In all that she does in this book you can feel her love for Z. There were times in the book I felt like knocking him over the head where Bella was concerned, but all of his actions rang true for me and what I would expect from his character. Reliving with his the flashback to his days as a bloodslave were difficult, but it did let us the reader understand more about Z as a man and not the warrior we know him to be.

The other dynamic I found interesting was that of Phury and Zsadist, Ms. Ward in her previous installments hinted and revealed vaguely the reasons why Phury suffered so for his brother and why Zsadist is the was he is. I would never have imagined how horrid it was for Z as a blood slave and all that Phury endured to save him. What I found the hardest to to do was watch as Phury was falling for Bella as his brother did. Of course it makes sense now that I read it, they are of course twins. Just because tragedy seperated them, they are still very similar. It makes perfect sense that they would covet the same woman. I actually had a hard time rooting for Zsadist in this book and found myself falling a little for his brother along the way.

Another of the plot elements that had been revealed to me was the death of of Torhments shellan Wellsie. This was one of the main reasons I was hesitant to read this book. The thought of her dying had me weeping inside and I was so afraid to read what had been done to her. So as I finally found myself so engrossed in the story I put her death in the back of my mind. Of course I knew it was coming, but I let the story unfold and tried to keep thoughts of it as bay. Then BAM all of a sudden I am at the pivotal part of the story, the part I had been dreading to read. While the section of the book was short and less graphic then I thought it would be, I still found myself crying. It was so sad and then the part when they tell Torhment was beyond painful. Reading as the part unfolded was awful, but so well written. I mean it stinks BIG TIME and now I have to sit with her other readers and wait for Torhment to return to the fold of the brotherhood.

Ultimately Bella and Zsadist find there way through the maze of Z’s past and embark on a future together. By the end of the book Zsadist is slowly becoming the warrior he was meant to be, and is in the truest sense of the word Awakened to all he could and can be.

All in all Lover Awakened was all I expected it to be. Well written and emotional it left me more than satisfied, but yet wanting more as well.

Lucky for me I had more to dive into. Eventhough I had yet to read LA I purchased Lover Revealed when it was released. I knew that I would read LA and wanted to be prepared. Trust me when I say I was damn glad I did.

Lover Revealed is the story of Butch and Marissa, if ever there was a pair you wanted to root for you would find it in them.

Marissa has always been a bit of a fascination for me, she is beautiful and part of the Glymera, yet after Wrath so called rejection of her no one attempted to sweep her off her feet. I guess I can see where others may find her lacking since the King chose Beth over her, but really not one male among her kind didn’t see that is what not that she lacked anything, just that she was not meant for Wrath. This of course is irrelevant because had Wrath not chosen Beth over her, Butch would not have his chance with her. See more of Darius’ influence.

Butch is a very likable character and I love so many thing about him, from his clothing to his attitude and everything in between. For me he was and is the perfect choice for Marissa. It was hard for me to read as he dealt with what he felt were his short comings, but I never doubted his love for Marissa.

Of course I wanted the brotherhood to string Havers up by his finger nails for the way he treated his sister when he saw her with Butch after he recovered. And the fact that he kicked her out made me want to stake him through the heart, but he gets his just deserts in the end.

What I really loved about this book was how this event began to bring Marissa in to her own as a woman. She goes to the brotherhood fearing they will turn her away to beg a place to stay before the son rises, knowing full well that in doing so she is swallowing her pride. This for me was the beginning of her transformation to being happy with herself and I applaud her for it. This first true interaction with Beth is the engrossing and I wanted to cheer Ms. Ward for how she handled it. I was glad to see the two woman moving away from the past and moving toward a friendship. By the end of the book they were friends and with that friendship Marissa came into her own.

The dynamic between Marissa and Butch is one as old as time, I compare to a guy from the wrong side of the tracks fall for a woman he considers out of his league. Butch’s treatment of Marissa in some cases was harsh for lack of a better word, but Marissa stepped up to the plate and went for what she wanted.

Watching them fall in love as they tried to deal with what seemed to be insurmountable odds was wonderful and I was more than happy with the outcome.

Butch’s abduction was hard to read and what came of it was truly amazing. I would have crapped my pants if I came back from that like he did. He was almost like a GPS for lessers and yet he took it in stride. The connection he had with Vishous in this book was very intense and so very necessary. There is a part toward the end of the book when he and Vishous are at his penthouse and you realize that the vision V had is about to revealed to them was amazing. I found myself in tears when Vishous tells Butch how he feels and that his is his friend. You can finally understand more about the brothers suffering through this passage. Here they are the most feared members of their race, sacrificing and fighting to save their people yet they have so little for themselves in truth.

I read a few places, I can’t recall where ,that it felt as though their friendship was more and I get that I think, but for me it wasn’t a sexual thing.It was more of a “I want something for myself thing” than a “I want you bod thing”. Either way I was glad to see that they had devloped this bond and then when it was revealed that Butch was related to Wrath and that he could be converted as well as made a member of the Brotherhood I wanted to stand up and cheer. Of course I was sitting in my living room with my sons, so I had to control the impulse.

Marissa reaction to all this was one I found to be one that I may have had myself. Knowing the man you loved was going to risk death to join you in eternity is tough, but how it had to be done was even harder. Reading as his conversion took place made my stomach knot up. I knew the book would have it’s HEA, but damn if I wasn’t still scared for him. I had a real OMG moment when the Scribe Virgin told them to send for Beth, talk about taking Characters full circle. I really though Wrath was going to kill them all when Beth volunteered to feed Butch when Marissa was unable to keep doing so. Talk about full circle.

In the end Butch not only survived, but he joined the Brotherhood and Marissa got her man. It was a long a harowing journey for all of them and when push came to shove Marissa was able to stand on her own and find the love she so richly deserved.

I will admit I felt bad for Rhevenge he had been starting to fall for Marissa as she used him to feed, but I knew she was meant for Butch. Plus according to the message boards over on Ms Ward’s website he will be getting his own book and I for one can’t wait for it.

Next up is Vishous, September can’t get here fast enough. I just have to make sure I don’t read any reviews of the book before I read it this time.

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  1. NJ Walters said

    I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood and can’t wait for September!

  2. MikifPvo3 said

    Wonderful theory. I like it. Thanks for sharing

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