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Thursday Thirteen #7

Posted by Jenn on July 5, 2007

Thirteen Things on my desk


1. My Cell Phone ~ We run a Soft Pretzel shop and I always have to be available. So I am pretty much chained to my phone.

2. A copy of Forbidden Pleasure by Lora Leigh ~ I finally finished last night. Wow it was good.

3. My Coffee Cup ~ Which is currently empty and once I’m done this list I will be filling it back up.

4. A Hair Brush ~ How the heck it got there is beyond me. Probably my husbandor one of the kids, but at least now when they are looking for it I will know where it is.

5. The House Phone ~ See number one, plus I’m a phone junky, I could talk all day on it.

6. An Ad for Giant Food Store ~ I really need to go food shopping.

7. My Notebook ~ I would be lost with out it, I keep my book lists in it, what bills I paid and all the kids nine million appointments.

8. Double A Batteries ~ I’m the go to person in my house when the remote needs batteries or the Wii joysticks or anything else for that matter. I really wish I had stock in batteries sometimes.

9. My Wallet ~ The older son had camp today and needed money for a snack. Now if I can remember to put it back in my purse.

10. Those glow in the dark wrist things ~ You know the ones you crack them and they glow. The kids where them when we go out to things at night, like Fireworks. It a good way to keep track of them.

11. The mail ~ UGH more bills.

12. My laptop ~ Since the kids have pretty much taken over the home PC I have been forced to do everything on the laptop. Thank god for Wireless internet connections ad routers. I would die with no  internet access.

13. Last but not least a table cloth ~ Why you ask well as I mentioned kids took over the PC so I have had to make my dining room table my desk.

 What’s on your desk, do you have one or are you like me taking one room and making multipurpose?

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One Response to “Thursday Thirteen #7”

  1. NJ Walters said

    I actually have a desk, Jenn. It’s a small one in the corner of the living room, but it’s all mine. *g*

    Soft pretzels…yum!

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