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Hidden Agendas by Lora Leigh… As usual Possible Spoilers

Posted by Jenn on July 13, 2007

Hidden Agendas


Tough-as-nails Navy SEAL Kell Kreiger is the best there is at searching, rescuing, and taking no prisoners…yet even the rush of ever-more dangerous missions isn’t enough to
satisfy him. Haunted by a tortured past, Kell seeks distraction in a secret world of dark intimacies. But when Emily Stanton, the one ray of light in Kell’s shadowy existence, is pursued by a ruthless drug lord, the rules of the game suddenly change—and Kell will have to go deeper undercover than he ever imagined…


Emily has loved Kell ever since her father, a prominent politician, rescued him from a brutal life on the streets. They were kids then, too young to act on what was growing between them…but now that Emily is ready, the handsome, headstrong SEAL has decided he’s no good for her. Ever since he rescued her from Diego Fuentes’ compound, Kell’s only duty has been to keep Emily safe. But Fuentes isn’t finished with Emily—or Kell. And to protect Emily, Kell has no choice but to lay himself—body, soul, and secrets—bare…and fight against evil with all his heart.


I really need to start getting these reviews out faster or I need to read slower. I think I may have to start making little notes to myself after I read each of my books so I remember what I want to key in on when I review them. That or I need to switch to a format either way here we go.

I do love a good romantic suspense and I openly admit to be facinated with mobster and criminals in the fact that I wonder how there minds work and what lead them to where they are in life and as usual Ms. Leigh delivers a book riddled with all the good suspense elements.

Kell is the Alpha hero who has been wounded emotionally before. He a Navy Seal and a good one at that. The Drug lord he and his team are going after in this series is quite the bad guy and he has taken from Kell more than any of the others. What I really liked about Kell was the balance he had, he was Alpha sure, he wanted things his own way, but he knew he was that way and eventhough I bet it killed him he tried very hard not to cage and limit Emily’s involvement in her own protection. He is a well written and surprisingly open minded Alpha Male. I really liked him, not more than Reno mind you. I Love RENO, the most, sorry Kell.

Emily is a heroine that lives on the edge, she’s a senators daughter and a previous kidnap victim. She had vague memories of her abduction and for all instensive purposes should probably be scared of her own shadow, yet she is living her life the best she can. She refuse to allow anyone to clip her wings, including the string of Bodyguards assigned to her by her father.

Her relationship with the Senator is one that the reader sees as both good and bad. He is a former Seal and very much the Alpha, his actions stiffled his wife and now his only concern is protecting his daughter. Oh yeah did I mention all her guards are potential son in laws for the Senator, a point of contention for Emily and her Dad.

Emily is strong and very likable. She is someone you would want to be friends with and you would definitely want her on your side in a fight. She is not above protecting herself and she stands up to Kell and all the other seals. She is someone I can respect, she knows that she is in danger and she is willing to do what she must to protect herself. She has one scene where she cave and does plead a little with her father, but her reasons were justified and if I were in the same position I would have been begging too. 

Some more secondary characters were highlighted in this book and I’m anxiously awaiting their books. These books have the HEA that I require in my romances, but the criminal element is never fully taken care of and carries through the series book from book. I’m pretty sure Ms Leigh is planning on books for Ian and Macey, but I’m not sure after that. I was hoping she would tell Nathan’s story, but who knows. I could and will probably as on her forum. Hidden Agendas was a good read full of characters I liked and is definitely a keeper.


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