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Thursday Thirteen #8

Posted by Jenn on July 19, 2007

Thirteen Things I should be doing right now instead of playing on the NET

  1. Laundry ~ Ugh how do four people have so many dirty clothes.

  2. The Dishes ~ I feel like all I do is wash dishes, just like the laundry we always have so much.

  3. Clean out my closets ~ It’s almost time for them to collect again and I know I have tons to give them.

  4. Dust ~ Maybe I can get the younger kid to do this for me.

  5. Paying bills ~ Always plenty of them to pay.

  6. Call the doctor ~ My son missed an appointment and he needs a new perscription

  7. Grocery shop ~ Always a good time, can you sense my excitement?

  8. Clean the bathroom ~ Again another fun job.

  9. Make the schedule for the pretzel store. This one I will have to do and soon or no one will know when they work again.

  10. Take the dog for a walk ~ We let him outside of course but he could used some exercise.

  11. Take the kids to the park ~ They could use some sun and exercise as well.

  12. Clean out the kids toys ~ How these two have so many damn toys and stuff. I’ve done this once before and we are still over run with stuff they do not play with.

  13. Read ~ Hey I need one fun thing on this list of chores.

  So how about you what’s on your to do list?

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