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Posted by Jenn on July 27, 2007

Honestly I love to write them. I do but I find that sometimes I get to lengthy in my explanation and then I lose track of my thoughts and what I was trying to say. So after starting and stopping in an attempt to get caught up on all that I’ve read lately I decided that I need to retune the way I write them.

In doing so I found that I have been reading a lot more reviws lately, on blogs at review sites and even on author sites where they have snipets of things that are said about their books.

I’ve never really used a rating system and I don’t know that it would work for me, I tend to as a reader find things that I can like about any book. Of course there are a few exceptions. I shudder when I think of them and then I realize good or bad the story still impacted me. Maybe not in the fuzzy and warm I can’t wait to reread this book way, but in a that is the kind of book I don’t really want to read again way.

I think I am going to try and format my reviews somewhat, tailoring them so that I have a basic foundation and then I think I will be able to put more up and more frequently. I read so many books and I want to be able to talk about all of them. By the time I get around to writing it all out, I’m two or three books past the one I am reviewing. It’s frustrating not to share all I read, it was the reason I started this blog in the first place.

So starting next week I’ll implement the new format and I hope to have at a minimum one review up a day if not more.


2 Responses to “Book Reviews”

  1. I think I can understand. I can almost always imagine someone for whom the book I’m reading would make a good fit even if I don’t like it, so my ratings tend toward the high end. It’s rare for me to really dislike a book and come down hard on it—it’s happened three times that I can think of, and those books really, really deserved it, IMO, for various reasons. (That’s out of 500 or so books.) Of course, I also tend to filter the books I take for review based on what I think I’ll like; after all, it isn’t like I enjoy reading or reviewing books that I don’t like!

  2. Jenn said

    Very true. I can usually find something that rings true for me in any book I read. I can think of only one book I DNF and it was not for lack of trying.

    I read way to many books in a year to read ones I won’t like.

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