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Posted by Jenn on December 24, 2008

No matter what you celebrate I hope you have a wonderful and safe Holiday Season with the ones you love.
To those still overseas and away from those you love, never forget we are thingking of you and hoping for your safe and quick return.

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So I decided to play with my template

Posted by Jenn on December 19, 2008

and I think it works. I would love opinions though. Hopefully, now that I got newish used laptop I’ll be online more.

So if you drop by, please tell me what you think

Happy Friday!!

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Adventurer’s Unite for this Really Cool Contest

Posted by Jenn on December 17, 2008

I love it when authors can come up with clever and interesting contests to promote themselves.

Check out this one below it’s fun, unique and most of all easy. I hope that it helps Ms.Naughton get out the word on her upcoming release.

I know I’m looking forward to picking it up when it releases.

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Hunting the Demon by Jaci Burton

Posted by Jenn on August 17, 2007

Hunting the Demon



Hunting demons for a living can have its moments. Especially when Shay Pearson’s latest quarry is the gorgeous bronzed surfer who just stepped out of the sea. Uncovering Nic Diavolo’s devilish side could prove Shay’s toughest assignment yet. Because while she’s acting as bait to snatch this sexy bad boy, Nic’s got a plan of seduction no woman—earthly or otherwise–can resist.

Caught between two warring realms, Nic needs to stay alive long enough to figure out who his enemies are. That includes the beautiful hunter who won’t let him out of her sight. And something far worse: A force of evil with an almost unimaginable goal – possessing Nic’s very soul. But the hunt really heats up when a guy who’s hotter than Hades and a woman who’s afraid to love join forces, igniting an inferno of lust and longing that could send them into mortal danger…or straight into each other’s arms…

Jaci Burton’s second installment of her Demon Hunters Series is as hot and action packed as it’s predecessor.  We rejoin the members of the Realm of Light as they continue to battle the Sons of Darkness. Knowing that she will do anything to fight the demons Shay Pearson sets off to bring back  Nic Diavolo so that she and the Realm can decide whose side he is on.

As I expect with any novel by Ms. Burton I was completely engossed in the story and emotionally invested in it’s characters after reading just a few pages. I sat down to read this book thinking that I’d read some now and finish today or tomorrow, but I couldn’t go to bed until I’d finished every page.

The action in this book is fast paced, easily followed and had me on the edge of my seat. Her descriptions of the demons are so vivid that I could close my eyes and see them. Even now as I write this I shudder a little when I picture them in my mind.

Shay is a heroine I can totally get behind, she is the right mix of strength and vulnerabilty. I found myself on more then one occassion wanting to reach out into the pages and help her. She’s a woman more than capable of holding her own and even after personal set backs that could hinder a person she was still putting herself out there. Like Gina from SURVIVING DEMON ISLAND she is one tough cookie, but unique in her own right.

Dominic “Nic” Diavolo is man of privilege and heir to a sizable forturne yet he is so down to earth I found that I quickly forgot that small bit about him.  He comes across as approachable and very much like every other guy you might stumble across on the beach. Like his brother Derek he is strong and definitely in charge of all he controls. Throughout the story he struggles with the truth versus what he has known his whole life. His vulnerabilites are there beneath the surface yet he faces each challenge head on and with a confidence that makes him exteremly attractive.

Once HUNTING THE DEMON has you in it’s grasp you will be hard pressed to put it down until your done reading. I found myself interupted a few times yesterday as I read and was more then a little annoyed by it. Things like dinner and the wash were quite a nussance and as far as I was concerned not as important as finishing this book.

All in all this book is one of the best I’ve read from Jaci and that is saying a lot. I’m with out a doubt a huge Jaci fan and I love everything I’ve read from her, but HUNTING THE DEMON may be her best work yet and it is definitely one of top five books I’ve read all year.

Hunting the Demon release August 28th from Bantam Dell.

You can learn more about Jaci Burton and her Demon Hunters here.

You can preorder HUNTING THE DEMON at Amazon.com or at B&N.com

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Good News from a quiet Blogger

Posted by Jenn on August 3, 2007

I’m sure my blog is feeling very negelected lately, I always say I’m going to post everyday, yet here it’s been days since my last entry.

Since I last posted so much has happened. Business at the pretzel shop has picked up some as we get closer to the school year beginning. Of course with that means more work to get my kids ready to go back. I now have one in fourth grade and one in second. I went through all their winter clothes and here’s a surprise hardly any of them fit. UGH, this means a trip to Wal-Mart for clothes along with the nine million other things they need.

Wednesday I managed to work all day at the shop 9:30 to 6:30 and it was slow. Course the fire at the end of the block played a big part in the lack of business. Luckily however no civilians or fireman were injured even though the building was completely destroyed. The only positive was that I got to wait on the firemen.

On Thursday my younger son, my DH and I went to the art festival hosted by the local Library. We got to go to all these different craft stations and they had a moon bounce.

All in all a very busy week, but I saved the best news for last. I’m now officially a reviewer for Romance Junkies. I’m so excited over it and I hope that I do a good job. I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes and when my first review will be put up.

Have a great Friday!!

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Today I’m having a total “FanGirl” moment…

Posted by Jenn on June 25, 2007

Anyone who has ever read a review of mine or has read my blog knows that when I love an author’s work that I am dedicated to owning and reading all they write. Trust me as a Nora fan this was not an easy feet. The woman has tons of books and as of right now I only need two books to officially own all of hers, but that is not the point of this post.

The FanGirl in me appreciates that others have loved Nora longer than I and probably no more about her, but the author I am gushing over today I can say I have known from the beginning of her writing. No not personally, although being her friend would be quite awesome I assure you. I can remember the first time she was mentioned at Ellora’s Cave, I still remember the first time I read Annabelle Lee like it was yesterday. Even now I wish I had a Mike of my own and as NJ will tell you I harass her constantly about Jackson Conners.  

NJ Walters is one of those authors whose work speaks to you and just looking at her reviews and awards you can see others agree with me.

So I can’t tell you how excited I was, jump up and down excited, I was this morning when I got my Email from Ellora’s Cave with New Print Releases. I was shocked and thrilled to see he book listed and all I wanted to do was email NJ and Squee for her, but she is on Vacation. So here I am doing the happy dance for her on my blog and getting the word out about her new print release…

Tapestry Dreams Now in print at Ellora’s Cave. Congratulations NJ. Everything that comes your way is a blessing and is always well deserved. I invite you all to check out this stellar cover and see what all the buzz is about. You can check her books and learn more about her at www.njwalters.com

Tapestry Dreams by NJ Walters

Tapestries – Christina’s Tapestry By N.J. Walters

Christina Beaumont impulsively buys an expensive tapestry that she sees in a shop window, having no idea how that one action will change her life. The magical tapestry not only transports her to Javara, a world that resembles medieval Earth, but also into the arms of two massive warriors who both want to claim her.

Jarek and Marc, Brothers of the House of Garen, are elated to discover the tapestry has delivered Christina to them. Women are scarce in their world, so the men of a family must compete for the right to be her husband. But before she can choose, Christina first has to experience the lovemaking of both brothers, separately and together. Jarek and Marc use all their considerable sexual skills to pleasure her in ways she’s never imagined.

But the tapestry also offers another choice. Christina could return to her own world. Jarek and Marc join forces to convince Christina to stay with them even as they fight a rival family for the right to keep her as their very own.
Tapestries – Bakra Bride By N.J. Walters
The second in the Tapestries series.

Jane Smith has the perfect corporate job, a beautiful apartment and an understanding boyfriend. She works long hours, but enjoys her life. It all begins to unravel the moment she witnesses a murder. Now her former life has vanished and she is left to rebuild again.

Just when things seem to be taking a turn for the better, the thrift store tapestry that she’d impulsively purchased magically transports her to Javara, a world that resembles medieval Earth, and into the arms of the Bakra brothers.

Zaren Bakra is shocked to discover that the tapestry has delivered Jane to Bakra land—as the tapestry prophecy has already been fulfilled for this generation. Their world is strange to Jane, and her very presence ignites violence and death.

Now the two brothers will use all their sexual skills, separately and together, to convince Jane to stay in Javara and choose one of them for her husband. But the tapestry will reappear in just three days. Will Jane return to her own time and all that is familiar or will she become the Bakra bride?

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My son Ryan sang the Finale at School!!

Posted by Jenn on April 6, 2007

My 8 yr old son Ryan suffers from PDD. It’s a form of Autism and in most cases makes your child unable to communicate verbally. Well that really is just part of it and I’m over symplifying it, but for you to understand why it is so amazing that he was the Finale at his school’s spring show you’ll have to know a a little background.

Like many children with PDD Ryan began to speak and one day it was like a light went out. Suddenly my healthy happy child that was learning how to say cat and dad one day was mute the next. It was so hard to convince the doctor’s that something was wrong, he was only 13 months old, so for two years we fought, ran hearing tests, jumped through hoops and finally got him diagnosed. He began early intervention, went to classes to learn how to deal with his issues and then the time came for Kindergarten.

Again we fought and eventually won the war. We managed to get him into one of the best schools in the country for PDD. They have worked with him for three years and he has made great strides. he can speak now and as we learned on Tuesday April 5, 2007 he can apparently sing in front of a crowd as well. i creid and sang every word with him and while this day was by no means as special as the first day he called me MOM, it’s was damn close to it.

 Here are some pictures of the event as well as a small 30 second video.  I wish my husband had gotten more, but the camera was giving him trouble, he dropped it and as you can see we were to far away. In any case I hope you all enjoy is as much as I did. I hope to get a full copy of it to post in the future.



God Bless!!

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To Write or Not to Write?

Posted by Jenn on March 20, 2007

I read an incredible post today from Jaci Burton. It was posted over on Author MBA. It was all about taking you career seriously.

I have always thought about writing, I had done so much of it when I was younger and then things in life changed for me and while I still dabbled here and there I found myself either always working or eventually being mom and wife that I put writing on the shelf as one of those things I would dream about but never thought I could achieve. So I read her post and I took a lot of what she had to say to heart.

She poses three questions, ones that when you think about it make lots of sense and I find myself in a place in my life were I have a new amount of free time, or me time. Time that lately I have been filling with reading or chores around the house. So why am I not taking advantage of this better.

Here are the questions she poses:

What Can You Do Today?

1) Ask yourself if you’ve been treating your writing as a career. If you haven’t, then start focusing on it as if it is.

2) Carve out a writing schedule that works within the framework of your daily life. Find a place and time that fits your lifestyle best.

3) Let family members know that you intend to take your writing career seriously, and show them your schedule. Enlist their assistance in helping you achieve your goals.By doing these three things, your career as a writer will start to become a priority in your life, as it should be.

I look at these three questions and I realize that I don’t think of it as a career and that I do have a time and a place that works for my writing life style. I can let my family know that this is my time and that I can schedule it for writing. The kids are at school and my DH is either sleeping or working. I’m in the house all alone. So really I have no excuse.

So thanks Jaci Burton for the kick in the butt I needed, publish or not I’ve decided to take my writing seriously.

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Drowning under my TBR pile

Posted by Jenn on March 3, 2007

For a few weeks now I have been telling anyone who will listen that I need to go through my books and really figure out what I haven’t read. You see I have an addiction, one of course I want no cure for, but an addiction just the same. One know help group or 12 step program will cure. How do I know it’s an addiction? Keep reading and you see all the proof you need.

I am addicted to buying books, I will buy them used if they are out of print, I buy them new, I buy them from my library, to be honest if a store I enter has book I will more than likely leave with one. It drives my husband crazy, I am constantly nagging him about building me shelves in our bedroom for my every expanding library. Someday he’ll do it, for now however I make due with two old CD/Movie racks that I piled with books and the top shelves of my closet.

Finally about a week ago I decided to clean off the shelves what I have read and move the majority of my TBR, which is crammed in my closet our of it. I figured I would jot down the books I had yet to read and then I would add to it the eBooks I needed to read. It could be more than what 40 or 50 Books, Right?

Man was I wrong!

I was shocked to learn that I have over 200 books to read, I can’t for the life of me figure out where they all came from. I know I got some books from Sarah McCarty when she offered them to her fans on her yahoo group, I knew I had a few Harlequin Blaze books to read from when I got them monthly, and I knew I had books I had bought when they came out, but had put aside for the time being. I can’t seem to figure out how my TBR List got so far away from me. Plus every month there are more books being released that I have to have, plus I have about 40 Books from Nora Roberts alone I still have yet to buy. I mean they are Nora books so it’s a given that I must own them.

I know I can’t stop buying, but man I really need to get reading. I’m not sure how I will plow through the pile, maybe if I stop sleeping, bathing and feeding the husband & kids I can read them all by the end of the year. Of course with my addiction I know I will still keep buying.

It’s a vicious cycle I know, but I have to have my books. It’s official I’m afraid……

I’m A Book ADDICT! and apparently I’m proud of it.

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Nalini Singh’s Visions of Heat MEME!!

Posted by Jenn on February 24, 2007


1. Which psychic power would you most like to possess?

Telekinesis – While others like mind reading and the ability to see the future are cool, there has to be nothing better than making things move with your mind. Plus it a great defensive talent. Being attached fling a chair at them or anything else for that matter. Mind readers and psychics get bombarded with visions and other thoughts and to be honest sometimes I don’t want to deal with what is going on in my own mind, let alone cloud it with other peoples thoughts. Plus admit it how cool would it be, you could read in bed with no hands or get the remote just by thinking about it. Life would be so much easier if everything you needed would just come to you with a thought

2. If you could see the future, what would you like to see?

That my children would grow up happy and healthy. The births of my grandchildren if I’m lucky enough to be blessed with them someday. Sadly though there is a very large downside to fore sight you have to see the good with the bad. I would definitely not want to have that knowledge. It’s way too much power to wield over the natural outcome of events. I don’t know that I would be strong enough to fight the urge to fix the things that I wouldn’t like. Which is probably why I’m not blessed with the ability.

3. Imagine you woke up one day and could shapeshift – what would you shift into?

I have always loved large cats, just like my mother did, so it would have to be a lioness, a tiger, or some other type of jungle cat.

4. What kind of a paranormal creature would you invite over for dinner if there were no limits on who you could ask?

Wow that’s a tough one, I would probably say a shapeshifter. There are so many things that I would want to know about the change and the other half of them. If what so many writers create about them is true and if they can still feel their human half after the change? Just to name a few.

5. Which future innovation do you wish would hurry up and get here already? i.e. flying cars, a transporter, computers with artificial intelligence, an auto chef?

Further advancements in medical treatment, things that would make the lives we live healthier and even possibly longer. Anything that would improve the quality of life for the elderly and prevent unnecessary deaths of people in the prime of their lives. Although flying cars is a close second, it would just be so cool.

This meme was begun by Nalini Singh to get the word out about her next book, Visions of Heat http://www.nalinisingh.com/visions (releasing March 6). Want to play, too, and enter to win a $50 Amazon voucher plus an ARC? Click here http://nalinisingh.blogspot.com/2007/02/visions-of-heat-meme.html for details.

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